Unity Assets

Unity Assets

Account Management & Support System for DarkRift2

The AMSS by Firebolt Studios will bring you a three part account and support system with the functionality to contend with the latest triple AAA MMO’s on the market. It is designed to be used with the DarkRift 2 networking solution for Unity3D and an SQL database.

Razex T1 Fighter – Ship Controller Demo

A space fighter designed for use within a space setting. This asset comes with a fully functional space ship controller designed for a 3D setting and a weapon/projectile system to get you started, place two prefabs in your scene and press play!

Features: Razex T1 Fighter Meshes, Simple Asteroid, 2048×2048 Textures (Normal,Specular,Glow), Worn and Clean Materials, Space Ship Controller (3D Arcade), Smooth Camera Follow (360 3D Smooth), Basic Weapon and Projectile System, Blue Nebula Space Skybox.

Oxar Light Freighter

A small freighter and turret designed for use within a space setting. Textures are 2048×2048. Diffuse, specular, normal and emissive maps are included. Both textures for the freighter and the turret have .psd files that contain all the texture maps, each with their respective content divided among separate layers for easy editing.

Sci-Fi Texture Pack 1

Five high-res, tileable Sci-Fi textures. File formats included are .PSD and .PNG. Each .PSD texture has named layers for each part of the texture. Includes Normal, Specular and Emission maps.

Sci-Fi Texture Pack 2

Seven high-res sci-fi textures. Complete with normal maps. Excellent for walls and floors of any sci-fi game. 2048 x 2048. PNG format.

RPG Tavern Pack

This prefab pack contains 15 tavern themed objects to place directly into your scene. The pack includes .psd textures and normal maps, and even a light flicker script and flame particle.