Project Restaurant – Tech Demo


This is a tech demo, showing the last progress of the build system for Project Restaurant before it was abandoned.. Most of the heavy lifting is already done with a few things that need polishing or adding to.

Project Restaurant was to be a tycoon game with influences from many other games and genres, a main one being ‘Restaurant City’ a discontinued facebook game.┬áThe art style was going to be cartoon like and would have featured much humor and light satire. This game was being built in Unity3D.
I am using ‘Toon Character Pack’ by Unluck Software for prototyping purposes.!/content/6698

Latest Build – v0.04
Converted entire resource database structure to use asset bundles exclusively.
Added music player, inspired by SimCity 3000.
Added time system with day and night cycle.
Hooked up restaurant finance to the serialization process (Cash is now savable).
Added manage menu and modified how the bottom windows open.
Added basic toon functionality (no spawns yet though).
Added staff hire window with toon information and live portrait.
Added staff statistics (speed, skill and specializations).
Added three nationalities with random name generation (British, Italian and Chinese).
Removed border from window UI sprites.
Removed toon test.

Build – v0.03a
Added some basic prop objects (not savable yet).
Added toon test (press t).
Fixed tile data save errors.

Build – v0.03
Added top bar with functioning cash, can sell objects too.
Added more floating text.
Fixed builder/painter not being destroyed when a new one is created.
Added XML serialization, load and save functionality.
Added debug menu for save, load and exit.

Build – v0.02a
Updated input information.
Added floating text for invalid actions.
Added checks for tool existence when selecting new object.
Added grid view toggle.
Added walls down view toggle.

Build – v0.02
Added floor and wall painting.
Changed how corners are detected and generated.
Setup contextual cursors.
Added highlight to picked up build objects (Windows and Doors).

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