Oxar Freighter


A small freighter and turret designed for use within a space setting, both 3D and 2D. Textures are 2048×2048. Diffuse, specular, normal and emissive maps are included. Both textures for the freighter and the turret have .psd files that contain all the texture maps, each with their repective content divided among seperate layers for easy editing.

There are two materials for both the ship and the turret, clean and shiny, and worn and faded.

The turret is comprised of two sperate meshes with their pivot aligned for easy rotation of both the base and the barrels.

This asset also includes five space skyboxes with 2048×2048 texture resolutions to get you started.


Oxar Freighter

Verts – 502
Surfaces(Quads) – 446
Length – 60m
Width – 16m
Depth – 20m

Turret Base

Verts – 106
Surfaces(Quads) – 66

Turret Barrel

Verts – 76
Surfaces(Quads) – 80

Turret Combined Size

Length – 3m
Width – 2.5m
Depth – 1.5m

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