Account Management & Support System for DarkRift2


The AMSS by FireBolt Studios will bring you a three part account and support system with the functionality to contend with the latest triple A MMO’s on the market. It is designed to be used with the DarkRift 2 networking solution for Unity3D and an SQL database.

The account system allows for many details to be recorded, these include username, password and email with personal, security and agreement details being optional. Passwords are encrypted using one of four encryptions available and locally saved details use XOR encryption. Accounts can be created within The Unity build itself or through the web template provided.

The support system allows for account holders to create support tickets which are handled by a relational thread system following the concept of the majority of online games on the market. The system is supported and maintained by an administration system accessed through the provided web template whereby an account holder can be promoted to admin. The ticket system can be accessed and used within the Unity build itself or through the provided web template.

The systems are nearly all plug and play with the exception of the standard practices one would expect from setting up and running a server based multiplayer game. The plugins are easy to install, just drag and drop straight into the plugins folder on the server with the addition of editing a config file for the details to connect to your SQL database. The web template is the same, all you need is to have a live space online to extract the files to. Unity’s side is controlled loosely by an editor extension, but with minimal setup you can achieve full functionality.


Account Creation & Management
Thread & Ticket Support System
Password Encryption
Email Verification
Username & Password Recovery
Web Front End Template
Unity Example Assets
Custom Inspector

Required Systems/Tools

DarkRift 2
PHP Mailer (Included)
Apache2 or nginx Webserver
PHP 5.6+ (7 recommended)
MYSQL 5.6+

Web Portal Demo

Admin Panel Screenshots

User Panel Screenshots